Hot Men in the Philippines

Drenched, Dripping


Naughty, this Carlos Agassi guy is. He’s always half-nekkid, in his tighty whities. What can we do, except to ogle at those bumps and bulges all over. This one’s an outtake from his latest Guitar underwear shot.


He’s teasing, actually. We all know what’s forthcoming in a wet-white- underthings shoot!  VPL, please Amir?

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  1. Srap! An taba ng jr nya tlga,,swerte nmn nun nktikim s knyang gay noon..lampas 8 kya sya? Wait guys, any other insider scoop s mga nkrelasyon nyang “hunk”?

  2. i txted him dun sa 3131 num nya was able to date him kaya lang di ko kaya kc 30k 🙁 for a night eh

  3. punta kayo sa spa libis hindi lang vpl ni amir makita niyo kundi buong buo na nota, german cut na ulo makita

  4. Bigla naman akong niregla sa petchur na yan…haha… tumalon ang aking ovaries papunta sa aking tonsils… haha

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