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Make Up

Would you like to do Mike Tan‘s body make up? And see his pores up close. Or maybe take a whiff of his masculine scent.  Mike’s still an endorser for Guitar undergarments. Although he’s a bit bigger than his previous outing [see Xray magazine] the GMA talent is still one cute and cuddly sexy cub!

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    1. ang galing mo Anony. tama ka atech everlyn tontalits yung first na nag commentish. Bobita delas Alas! Krissy kulani manyakita!

  1. Naku mga teh wag suportahan itech. Pahomophobic ang peg Kung anu ano sinasabi tungkol sa mga bakla dating kolbam naman! Pwe!

  2. Keber sa mga negative comments about Mike Tan… basta gusto ko syang maka-sex! Papabuntis ako sa kanya! hahahaha

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