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Extra-Caliente! Ernesto Calopez

Ernesto ‘Jonjon’ Calopez, 25 years old, was one of the better-looking candidates in this year’s Valentino magazine Coverboy search [won by a short plain-featured lad by the name of JV Roxas]. It came as a big surprise to those in attendance during the contest [which lasted till 3 in the morning] that the tall chinito model from San Pedro, Laguna, did not even make it to the top 5, which was composed of a motley crew of guys with iffy credentials.

That’s Ernesto Calopez during the contest in a what-the-freak-are-you-wearing-now thong made of what looked like wrought metal brackets for the cup [reminiscent of avante-garde artist Gabby Barredo’s pieces then] to cover the privates and with just a strip of transparent plastic to hold such. More photos soon.
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  1. my goodness! i almost had a heart attack! geeze its soo not fair to have all the hot guys all in the Phillipines! man oh man oh man,..these are soo peerfect! wow!

  2. Hi RD. Finally, you got to feature my baby “Jonjon”. Yes, we were disappointed that he didn’t land in the Top 5 but rumor has it that the sponsors already had the winners in mind. Oh well, better to move forward. 🙂

  3. yUckneZz.. gaNyaN ka Na ba ka dEzperate.. hUh jOnjOn?.. 4 goD zaKe.. 4 U cheRrY..: waG ka maGiLuzYon.. cOz U dOnt kNoW hiM dat weLL.. z2piD.. guDluCk ZeO.. NapaGsaWaaN kO na Yan..

  4. Sorry rinna tolentino at baka ikaw ang nagiilusyon… di ka naman kilala ng tao pano mo sya mapapagsawaan? Hindi ka naman worth na pagawayan namin dahil sino ka ba???

  5. One more thing… if what you’re claiming is the truth, how come your profile doesn’t come up with your website so we’d get to know who you really are? A guy joining the Valentino contest doesn’t mean he’s desperate…just means that he probably is worth something to be able to get into the contest. We’ve been together for some time now so I think I know him pretty well (and I can’t say the same thing about you since your name doesn’t even ring a bell). Good luck to you as well!

  6. well ganyan talaga ang mga desperada. hindi nagpapakilala. ang kapal naman ng face nyang rinna na yan na magsalita. as if kilala nya si jon jon. well kung kilala mo si jon-jon, bakit hindi ka lumitaw. kasi kami, kilalang kilala namin si jon-jon and totoo na boyfriend siya ni cherry.

    well, hindi ka naman worth it na pag-aksayahan ng panahon. anyways, punta ka na lang sa mga friendster namin ha, para makita mo kung totoong kilala nga ni cherry si jon-jon.

    and one more thing, kung girl ka, kawawa ka naman kze what i know, walang lalaki na nagpapasawaan. baka ikaw ang pinagsawaan.. kawawa ka naman… mahaderang ilusyunada..

  7. I guess hindi ka na makasagot coz there’s nothing really to say from your end.. all’s well that ends well and I’m happy to say that ALL is WELL with US!

  8. As I said before, all’s well that ends well. Apparently si Rinna ay ex-gf nya na di nakapagmove-on and now iniwan na sya for good. Di lang siguro ma-take na he left her for me. Too bad and better luck next time.

  9. As I said earlier, all’s well that ends well… yes, it is true that you had a past but that’s all there is to it. He has moved on and chosen to be with me so good luck na sa yo Rinna. Magmove-on ka na rin.

  10. excuse me.kala mo kung sino ka magsalita! nag comment lang naman si Rinna ah.thats her point of view.ang dami mo nang sinasabi.parang lumalabas tuloy na di ka secure ki jon jon. ipagpapalit ka rin ni jon jon ….nang may pera.mind you!

  11. I know this guy..way back 1996..he used to live at my house at pacita when he was 15.very cute and hot..sarap pa mag service..I met him at binan..but he left the house 1 day with my Tv..remember me jonjon? well it seems na nagbago kna..pinatawad na din kita..matagal na.Goodluck

  12. I know this guy..i used to live at pacita complex (1996-1997) and he’s my constant visitor in my house..nag meet kami nyan sa binan at naging ka bedmate for quite sometimes..he was 15 at that time but unfortunately he left the house 1 day with my colored tv with him ..too bad..sarap pa nmn nyan mag SERVICE..goodluck then jon jon..u know yong TV ko remember?? MR Jollibee

  13. No wonder pati me 3 anak pinatulan nya at malamang may asawa pa. see cheriepie’s profile (claiming that she’s his gf). Baka binibigyan nya ng sustento si jonjon, iiwan ka din nyan cheriepie pag wala ng makuha sayo.

  14. Sa lahat po ng nag-comment, thank you na rin…sabi nga ni Jon bad publicity is still publicity. Ifeafeature na rin po sya sa UPH pagbalik nya from the States. We are still together and contrary to what some of you think, hindi ko po sya sinusustentuhan. Yes, I have 3 kids but he has 2 as well.

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