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Four Naked Guys

The four naked guys above were contestants at last summer’s nuts-and-bolts see-through extravaganza – The Search for Valentino Coverboy. They failed to win any of the top prizes but they got to pose anyways for the magazine for their 15-minute of pulp fame. JP Aquino [upper row, left] is 21 years old from Marikina City; Miller Terrobias [upper row, right] is 19 years old from Pasay City; Vicente Icain [lower row, left] is 23 years old from Pasay City; and, Alfred Fernandez [lower row, right] is 22 years old from Quezon City.
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  1. more callboys huh? magkano naman kaya ang asking price ng mga yan? 500 paysos tops i bet.lols. kung may lumampas ng 500 sasabihan ko ng ambisyoso. hihi

  2. i would like to adopt all three good looking pearls of the orient seas, throw them in my farm north of the 49th parallel where the nearest shire is 100 miles and let them frolic in the meadows till the cows come home. sounds like an interesting plot for george duroy’s latest xxx dvd.

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