Hot Men in the Philippines

Winning Moments

Haroun Morales seemed resigned to runner-up status, as he locks arms with
winner Carlo Guevara at the Be Bench Grand Finals.
At the Valentino Magazine Coverboy Model Search, ultimate winner JV Roxas
feigns surprise as his name was called. Runner-up Andrew Morgan hugs him anyways.
Runner-up Aljarreau Galang tightly embraces winner Andrew Smith at the
Mossimo Bikini Summit: Take It Underground Finals, while dazed John Lopez
as second-runner-up wonders whether the judges really did their math.

What is it about the human touch that reassures and validates us in every occasion? In sad times, it is called comforting or consolatory. In happier occasions, it is celebrating or congratulatory. This is expressed in the embrace, where the arms close in poetic motion to, in some sense, solemnize the moment. The closeness of the bodies create an intimacy, where solidarity is shared. There is where memory, longing, hope, celebration, reconciliation, and healing spring forth.
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  1. john’s expression when he found out that he was eliminated from the be bench finals was heartbreaking. he looked really disappointed.

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