The Toma Boys!

[l-r: Jack Daniel, Joselito Cuervo]
[l-r: JV Martin, Sam Miguel, Carlo de Rossi]

Now that the liquor ban is over [because of the Philippine elections], boozehounds can rejoice. In the meantime, here are the Toma Boys of Valentino magazine, so-called because well, they were named after grogs. Let’s see, there’s a Carlo de Rossi [who’s Rother “RT” Tiglao in the real world]; a Sam Miguel named after the famous Philippine beer [trivia: he used to be a “Manny de Rossi” in a gay club in Quezon City. Funny.]; then a Jack Daniel, and the cute ones, JV Martin and Joselito Cuervo, real names unknown as of the moment. The group was formed for a male photography exhibit staged before by the magazine. Frankly, it is an inebriating group, if you ask me.

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