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Is Victor Basa staging a comeback this year in showbiz ? He retreated from tv and movie work when he became the escort of a fake heiress – the one whose family was involved in the billion-peso housing scam. Although he has been busy crowding out the society pages of leading dailies and magazines, the 26-year-old ex-model hasn’t done any projects lately for tv and the movies. Will he be back this 2012?
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  1. Sana hiwalayan na ni Vic ang babaing yun, wala naman mabuti naidudulot nun sa kanya except to give him money, clothes, material things na galing sa nakaw. Malas yun Vic.

  2. Ay, ang veeter ng mga veklurr kay ateng Divine. I like her. I’ve interacted with her a couple of times because of my job. She’s really nice, yung hindi plastikada at echuserang nice lang. I would know. I’ve seen a lot of them in local showbiz.

    Kung happy sila ni Vic/Vicky, kebs na. Wag na bitter sa buhay ng iba mga teh. Let’s start the new year right. 🙂

  3. TANGA!!!

    happy new year! baka may numbers kayo ng mga guys na pwede ibook this year, pauwi na kasi ako ng Phil kaya I want taste some of them, pls email me here

    Monday, January 02, 2012

  4. sabi ng friend kong stylist.. dakota harrison plaza si victor. kelangan pa raw na “special” size ang mga imomodel nyang undies! o mga becky. malorka na kayo. lol.

  5. hay vicky… ever since i lost your penshoppe photo set (Penshoppe Dialogue), no one has replaced you in my album of sexy guys… kung meron kayo nung set na yon friends… kindly share…

  6. True ka dyan RD sa fake heiress. Magnanakaw ang pamilya nyan andaming na scam sa amin dito sa Pampanga. Maraming kawawa.

  7. I don’t understand the gall of Divine Lee to still appear in society pages, partying like there;s no tomorrow when her family is indicted for the Globe Asiatique scam. And don;t tell me she’s nice and I’m a hater. Because the fact is : there was a scam!

  8. Ay, hate nyo pala si Ate Divine…naku, fan na fan pa naman ng website na ito ang mga best friends nyang “Beki Nights”!!!

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