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Male models and actors JC Tiuseco [top] and Victor Basa are two of the main guys of top clothing brand Penshoppe. One thing very common about these guys is that they are both painfully shy. They are quiet and reserved, but these guys are not airheads like some of their contemporaries at rival clothing brand Bench. Definitely not of the alpha-male type, they are nevertheless likeable and sweet-natured. I guess that is where their charm and appeal come from.
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  1. JC Tiuseco. 100% purong lalaking-lalaki. Di katulad ng napakaraming iba diyan, na puro paminta. Mga masseurs na nagpapatira sa puwit at mga callboys na tsumuchupa hahaha. dog-eat-dog-world na talaga tayo.

  2. gosh, anonymous august 17, 8:15am, magpakatotoo ka naman. di ka bading? are you an all out gay guy? o pa mhin ka rin?

    whatever, it is your right to air your opinion. pero di ba parang inalipusta mo na rin ang sarili mo dahil sa komento mong binigay?

    think man! think!

  3. At 8:15, and so? Ndi kb part ng snsbi mong dog eat dog world? wala cgrong pumapatol sau kaya gnyn k mgslita. Grbe ibng bkla tlga.

  4. angat sa appeal si jc. nakaka L ang karug nya..hay, sana naka bikini lang sya. kelan kaya sya magpapakita ng transparent bukol?

  5. I like them both. I just wish they stick to modelling because they couldn’t act even if their lives depended on it.

  6. i have always liked the aura of models that have vulnerable/innocent faces that are paired with lean lethal-looking bodies. classic examples are jc tiuseco and victor basa. slurp! slurp!

  7. tama si 8:15am, di ko kayang kumain ng verde din ang dugo hehehe, love kong makipag do sa isang 100% girl ako. gurl na nga ako, papatol pa sa isang maypagka gurl? ayoko maging lesbiana noh?

  8. ay naku. ako, gusto kong tinitira ako sa puwet, kesehodang bisexual sya, silahista, paminta, ngarag, pamhin, whatever. Nagiging girl din ang feeling ko oh. Kaya nga may top and may pa-bottom. Hay naku, ciguro transvestite ka 8:15am o kaya macho-gay! Magtigil!

  9. RD got it right – it’s the quiet disposition of these two that makes them appealing. Hindi sila maangas at mayabang. Kaya sila cute and charming.

  10. Victor Basa? Used to like him.Ok sya dati kaso nung medyo nagka-pangalan kala mo na kung sino. Good luck to his “so-called career”. ;-0

  11. hey d reason why these 2 guys are shy n reserved is that they are discreet bisexuals, trying to hide their true identities…. if they become loud, there is high likelihood that their true selves become obvious…. don”t u guys notice that they are “malamya”?

  12. unless JC steps out of what his home studio is packaging him to be – as matinee idol – he wont last long in the business.

  13. Crush ko si JC when he was still in survivor. But when I saw his Penshoppe ads, nawalan ako ng gana, blangko ang expression, and pangit ng angle and mukhang amateur model. Kumbaga sa Top Model, eh sya and mai-eliminate….Victor and Akihiro are way better models than him…. I don’t even think he’s tall enough to qualify as a model…

  14. very ordinary looking naman kasi yang si JC. cutie nga, pero boy next door yung appeal, nothing extraordinary. kung hindi pa yan nanalo sa survivor hindi yan makaka angat.

  15. walang mga kadating dating, lalo na yan victor basa na ang tagal na sa tv… Ok pa si ALEX CASTRO ng GMA NEXT BIG STAR so with the remaining guys

  16. anoh don’t tell me hindi pa tapos yang next big star na yan? wala sa radar ng sambayanan! pustahan wlang magiging big star sa mga yan, another flop program c/o GMA.

  17. tama mas yummy nga si alex castro kesa kay vicky basa.
    actually mas yummy pa nga si alex kesa kay dennis trillo mismo. mas malinis tingnan si alex kesa kay dennis.

  18. says victor basa to photographer ex-girlfriend, “I let you have sex with him to get me that deal, and see how far you would go. I thought you would put up more of a fight.”

    you decide…

    eitherway, he’s just that kind of hot, so who cares, right?

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