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Victor Looking Good

Newbie actor Jome Silayan n.k.a. Victor Silayan used to look like this when he was just starting out in show business three years ago.

I’m not really sure where the change took place but he is looking pretty good these days. He’s also one of the lead actors in the new TV5 drama-in-a-resort series Misibis [here shown with Vin Abrenica]
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  1. This is stupid. Who wears an underwear underneath another underwear.! A jockstrap os an underwear all by itself.

  2. an architect/interior designer who is a graduate of the royal and pontifical university used to claim that this guy was his supposed ‘kept’ boy. i have never seen them together, no one has vouched that they have seen them together. the architect is related to Cristina G. Romualdez, and he has a store bought nose. initials JAGM

  3. Basta may titi! Lamang tyan na yan. Di ka naman makakapulot nyan sa tabi-tabi. Tall, dark and buff. Ok na kahit di handsome!

  4. Magkaibang tao pala yung nasa pool at naka-upo… kala ko before and after sya magpa-nose job. Hahah!

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