43 thoughts on “Victor Looking Good”

  1. This is stupid. Who wears an underwear underneath another underwear.! A jockstrap os an underwear all by itself.

  2. an architect/interior designer who is a graduate of the royal and pontifical university used to claim that this guy was his supposed ‘kept’ boy. i have never seen them together, no one has vouched that they have seen them together. the architect is related to Cristina G. Romualdez, and he has a store bought nose. initials JAGM

  3. Basta may titi! Lamang tyan na yan. Di ka naman makakapulot nyan sa tabi-tabi. Tall, dark and buff. Ok na kahit di handsome!

  4. Magkaibang tao pala yung nasa pool at naka-upo… kala ko before and after sya magpa-nose job. Hahah!

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