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Oh My!

Like it’s an ad for one of those wicked male underwear sites, Victor Valerio appears in an airy black bikini! Remember him from that post on the gravity-defying bikini? The 6’2″-tall hunk finally reveals the sheer size of it all in this filmy fabric. Victor or Zaldy Valerio was also in Stardancer, released on DVD. To get a copy of the DVD, click here for the nationwide store outlets.
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  1. yong picture nya sa ibang site naka “to the left siya”, irreplaceable!

    sarap laruin at kainin gwapo kasi tapos maganda pa ang kargada

  2. bien hombre!

    i like the shape! it’s a nice view. plus, the 6-footer is a cutie. sana ganyan din ang sinuopt ni ram ace. oh ram.. i miss you so much…

  3. buti nakalagay na 6’2 sya, otherwise magmumukhang maliit ang etits nya. Considering the height, malaki nga ito, wahaha.

  4. this one is the real deal, not a photoshop creation: victor’s xxl manhood in its natural, unprovoked state. flaunt it some more, victor, rip off that thin fabric, and let it all hang out at 12:00 high noon in your next post!

  5. saan nga ba sya masa sight, at saang show? sa adonis nga ba siya? punta ako minsan dun, bihira na raw to punta dun e. gusto ko sya maka 2-nights stand hehe

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