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Arron Villaflor is back, baring everything for the new Vivamax movie Ligaw na Bulaklak. Of course, there won’t be any frontal nudity scenes, but a generous serving of flesh – butt, belly and biceps, is always welcome in this site.

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        1. Bisexual siya. Marami sila dina, anne, vg, richard, nadine, elizabeth, bong, sha, miguel, jed, port, lea, sara, philip, vi, yet, de, bbg, tita, amy, lorna, guys, kuys, madami sila

          1. Bawal magsabi ng fact na puro siya kolesterol sa katawan? My godh kahut makinis pa yan di ako papatol sa hugis baboy hahaha

  1. hot. dad bod na si arron, but still hot.

    i wish he also did this a decade ago (astro mayabang), when he had the twink body. anw, i’ve always liked his sex appeal, even during his scq days.

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