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Flawless in Bikini

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Our regulation bikini boy for today is Constant Contestant Rookie Renz Dilla.  This time, it’s all about legs, legs and more legs. Flawless, meaty, strong legs. This guy’s all around the male bikini pageant circuit, and he is one hot and flawless chinito!

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      1. Ang “Lambi” eh yung balat o foreskin. May circumcision kasi na hinihiwa lang yun, pino-fold pailalaim tapos tinatahi. Walang tapon kumbaga.

  1. his fair complexion, which suits him, makes him more delectable. He’s certainly looking more class-A now.

  2. HE’S REALLY CUTE. But not much is known about him. Tried searching for him in facebook but to no avail.

  3. Omg! More of him Sir Rd! naglaway talaga ako dun sa last post mo nya na labas pubes! Shet! Sabog ang bahay bata ko eh. Hahaha!

  4. Sarap nmn mag pakantot dito ang sarap siguro ng titi nyan. Sana kantutin nya ako ng whole day ang sarap siguro ng titi nyan matamis ang tamod kagigil ang burat

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