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“Sikil” extended, again.

Robinsons has decided to extend the showing of the movie Sikil, starring Ken Escudero and Will Sandejas. After its successful run at the Galleria IndieSine and Ermita theater, the mall management is bringing the movie back at the Galleria IndieSine back-to-back with the Coco Martin-starrer Condo. Photo shows a scene from the movie, and I think the guy is baby-faced Ken.
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  1. CONDO?…is this the same movie that was produced by video x ent. with lovely legarda and klaudia kardinal (the guys are uncredited)?
    the xxx movie is widely available on the underground pirate market and i believe half of america has seen it. the guy in the first scene looks good (that’s why i bought it) but its not KEN at all. i’ll add seeing SIKIL to my to-do-list next week (of course after my spa and derma sessions). *****

  2. very succesful indiefilm na to.atleast marunong ng mag appreciate ang moviegoers ng magandang pelikula.congrats to sikil stars and staff.u deserve this overwhelming success.ang ganda naman talga kc ng movie na to.ang ganda pa ng musical scoring at soundtrack nito.anyone who knows the title of that song?congrats ken,will and ashley.

  3. When I watched Sikil at Robinson’s Galleria, I noticed that there were many people standing at the back even though there were many seats available (theater was mostly empty). Why were they standing there instead of sitting down?

  4. Hi, Anonymous (February 2, 2008 12:53 AM). I don’t know if you’re being naive or emphatic about those men standing at the back of the theater.

    Many probable reasons: They have weak gall bladders so they have to stay near the loo to make water quickly. Or they are far-sighted. They do not want to stay near the screen because they see only the grains in the screen (or in the case of video or digital film like Sikil, the pixels). They have pigsa in their butts or maybe hemorrhoids, so sitting down makes them uncomfortable. Kulang sila sa tulog kaya madaling maidlip pag nakaupo kaya’t tumatayo na lang para walang eksenang ma-miss.

    Seriously, cruising in moviehouses stopped or at least has been kept at a minimum when the multiplexes drove the old “movie palaces” out of the business. Can you imagine moving up and down the steps of a theater at Gateway or Greenbelt? In the old days, that is, the ’50s and ’60s, in Sta. Cruz, Quiapo and even Cubao (the ’70s), you would always see shadows around the theater doing rigodon de honor. Bukod sa mga “aninong gumagalaw sa big screen, maraming mga aninong gumagalaw sa paligid ng sinehan. At napakagalaw talaga ng mga buhay na aninong ito. The shadows would sit down or pause at the left or right side of the theater only to wait for any “seatmates” or stay near a potential partner. The National Anthem or other intermissions were always an opportunity to see which guys looked good enough, or passable enough (when one is in heat, he can’t be choosy) because the lights were on. Sometimes you’d be startled to find a neighbor, officemate, classmate, or a relative among these shadows, who would quickly turn his face away; deadma ba.

    If it’s not your day, you may be the target (and victim) of police entrapment, the purpose of which was not really moral or to enforce some vague law against obscenity or public scandal but to… uh, fleece the unwitting, lonely gay of his cash. Sa ibang pagkakataon ko na lang ire-relate ito dahil mahabang kwento ‘yan. Anyway this execrable practice does not pose a clear and present danger to the new generation anymore, mercifully.

    Magnganganga muna ang lola nyo.

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