Two days to go before “Sikil”

Two days to go before the initial commercial run of Sikil the movie. From a screenplay by Romualdo Avellanosa, Sikil was recently shown at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, where it received critical acclaim. The movie will be exclusively shown at the Robinsons Galleria. On opening day, expect Will Sandejas, Ken Escudero and the other actors of the movie to meet and greet the audience.

5 thoughts on “Two days to go before “Sikil””

  1. i saw the film at the palm spring international festival. it was surprisingly good. and the three young leads did great work, specially ken. i feel this is better than parola but less bold. it has 1 frontal nudity by an extra and a few m2m moments. medyo mahaba lang and some editing would have made the film even better.

  2. as an additional comment, when we watched the film (its 2nd day of showing), kami lang ng grupo namin ang pinoy. even an american approached me and said that he was surprised no other filipinos were there. nakakalungkot lang that the filipinos did not support the film. If they did, di naman sila mapapahiya. It was a good film.

  3. This is going to be great… I’m so excited to watch the film but it shows on a Wednesday and I have better things to do… Sayang, di ko makikita si Ken and the cast…

  4. Hi! wacth the video in you tube ” Sikil ” they are realy cute couple, but the problem is they are not together until the of story.Men jeg elsker veldig mye.Hilsen fra Norway.

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