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Kevin Santos gets TV break

After waiting from the sidelines for so long, Kevin Santos of the group The Studs is finally getting plum roles on tv. He was a product of the reality-based artista search of GMA 7 – Starstruck II. After his stint in the show, he seemed to have disappeared from the limelight. Now, nothing comes between him and his Calvins, as he gets his due on tv. He was tapped recently to do the gay sidekick role in My Only Love, an afternoon soap on GMA 7. Also, he will soon play the big bully on Kamandag, the primetime show of Richard Gutierrez on the same channel. It looks like his exposure in his sexy group and X-ray Calendar Magazine is doing wonders for him lately.
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  1. What I like about Kevin is that he looks chubby… BUT! Once he goes shirtless… WOW, walang bilbil! I’m impressed by that…seriously…

  2. RD i am captivated by your italicized word “exposure”. it makes the mind think deep and tinkers on 100 meanings and scenarios. QUESTION: has kevin fallen into the showbiz oligarchs harlot’s nest? he is young, beautiful and shows a proming frontal asset. go for it kev. beat the f***in pooh out of them and victory run with the moolah. i am 100% for you…

  3. wag maginarteng choosy! baka mapahiya lang tayo pag nakaharap ang batang iyan. mura lang naman ang nescafe 3-in-1. okey lang uminom nun paminsan minsan bago mang-okray LOL

  4. Halos lahat ng Starstruck Batch 2 mukhang pang asianovela, siguro dahil panahon nila nung nagsimulang umuso ang mga asian dramas, I remember isa sa mga challenges nila ay ang gayahin ang scene sa Endless Love.

    Sana si Chris Martin, kasama sa Studs para nakita rin natin ang body niya, for me siya ang pinaka gwapo sa batch nila

    halos active sila ngayon

    Mike Tan – Marimar, Studs
    CJ Muere
    Kirby de Jesus – Marimar
    Benj Pacia
    Chris Martin – guestings
    Ken Punzalan – Zaido
    Kevin Santos – Marimar, Kung Mahawi man ang ulap, Kamandag, Studs

    sana si Chris Martin, mag daring na rin!

  5. i never thought kevin could be so seductive, behind his former sweet facade. now, look at that bulge. great promise!

  6. Kevin looks better in person and he seems to be aware of this kaya parang aloof o feeling self-important. Ganyan siya on the set.
    As for his Starstruck batchmates CJ Muere and Benj Pascua, nasaan na sila?

  7. nakakaloka si kevin napakalaki!!! ang dako. sarap talanag susushin mia. sa bagets cia ang pinaka MALAKI

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