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Xavier Manahan is hot

Another boy with a Christmasy costume is Xavier Manahan, a 24-year-old bikini pageant veteran. The 5’7″-tall guy was the first runner-up at Bar Uno’s Wild Wild Wet Bikini Contest held earlier this year. He was also the grand winner of the Tropical Bodies 2007 contest held at …. waddya know, Lips Bar, where photo above was taken.
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  1. RD you are scaring me. #2 pa lang itong prelude to christmas posts mo and it is already getting tackier n tackier everyday. what more for the big day. my guess of what’s coming up – a sexy 18 year old santa baby or a lolit solis human pinata look-a-like with a gorgeous guy beating the s**t out of her. ALL IN THE NUDE OF COURSE (except grams lolit)! *****

  2. RD Merry Christmas. Can you also feature GINO ETRONE of UE Warriors? I heard gifted daw ito… And very good in bed…

  3. Who is the target/audience at contests like these, where the ‘bikini’ is almost transparent?

    Is the audience almost entirely gay?

  4. too bad i forgot his profile name in manjam, but it’s definitely xavier, describing himself as a bisexual. it’s time to perish your thought, sisters, and down with your illusions! xavier would rather bed not with you, but with a gymfit guy!

  5. nka 1 nytstand ko na yan.2k..mgaling yan dinidilaan ang pwet ko bgo nia ko yan kht marami kau chumupa ng sabay basta my bayad.baclaran church tambay lagi.

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