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Mikael Daez suns in undies, too

Fit and Fab: Mauro Lumba

Dad-Son Sports

We’re loving the weekend warriors! And the dad-son tandem of Piolo and Inigo Pascual who are serving us real heat. The VPLness is such a treat and we’re pervs this way. While I may never understand the swim-bike-run sports of these two, I’m all for the tight bulge-showing shorts! Lycra is our best friend!

Loving Graham Caygill

Once you go black….

Albie candid

Ballsy: Christian Busby

Kirk Bondad lazing around


For a minute, I thought that sexy white dude at a fashion show looked awfully familiar. Turns out, it’s really Derek Weitzmann a.k.a. Fratman Vincent in his younger years and hey(gay)day. As a popular adult film actor, Vincent did a lot of interesting stuff, which you can find on the worldwide web. Although he’s added on some good years, he still looks mighty fine, if you ask me.


Hot beach David Licauco

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