Birthday Boy

What time is it? Time to greet Vin Abrenica a hardiest birthday! This may be a bit late but it’s Vin’s birthday and it would be great travesty if we did not feature him here. He’s been all over this site ever since he suited up for the Hanford undies, and we loved those bulges ever since. Hoping he’ll be in his birthday suit soon!

Laziz Fair

The newest Bench/Body model is an Uzbek! Laziz Rustamov, who has been in the Philippines for more than four years already is gracing the underwear company with his body and bulge. I can’t decide if he’s cute or sexy or both. One thing’s for sure, this model is determined to make his mark in showbiz after his PBB stint. Watch out for this dude!

Dingy Dingle David

There’s something about boys in tighty whities and white socks. Like a tall, fit Catholic college boy. Naughty but casually calm and relaxed. He would let you suck his dick “if you don’t tell anyone.” That kind of boy! But I digress. David Licauco’s been on a roll lately for Bench. It seems like he’s still one of the favorites of the underwear company owner.