Body Image

Surprise! It’s Derrick Monasterio, one of our favorite boys in this site in a candid moment for Bench underwear. This one’s real, better for me where some flesh and flab get the spotlight. He may be the burly bloke of the filtered posts of the underwear company, but this one takes the cake (no pun), with all the love handles. I like this look, if you ask me.

Chunky Hot

This could probably be an audition, a call for Vivamax to cast chunky boy-men, who are big and strong, protruding in all the abundant and relevant places of the beautiful male form. Bit player Nathan Garcia is that, and he fits that bill to a T. I told you so, things (and boys) always get hotter in the summer. Here’s a fitting (or fit) hunky man to start the season right!