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You’ve seen his wonderful weenie before, now Albie Casino is full-on naked and butt-clenching in his latest Vivamax outing, Biyak. Of course, we get the double entendre, biyak meaning split, cleavage and all those male buttocks in the sex flick (see side post Vance). Albie takes no exception, and he’s proving he can make it as an, uh, adult star.

15 thoughts on “Back For More”

  1. Sana gumawa din si albie ng gay sex movie sa vivamax. Tapos partner nya si Markki Stroem at Alex Diaz.

  2. … Fa buio (in the dark).

    Grabeh, Admin. Ang dilim. Wala ako’ng makita. Buti na lang in-attach mo ‘yun’g ‘wonderful weenie’. 🙁

  3. Magaling umiyot itong si Albie. Sya mismo nagsabi porn film trained sya when it cones to sex…sarap mo Albie!

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