The hottest showbiz scene this week is that of Migs Almendras topping Marco Gomez in a sexy, sweaty daisy chain in the series High (School) on Sex. Of course, if it’s from Vivamax, it must be gooood. The two newbies play confused mates, and they make up for most of the cutesy gay portions of the series. Cutesy and more, actually.

Back For More

You’ve seen his wonderful weenie before, now Albie Casino is full-on naked and butt-clenching in his latest Vivamax outing, Biyak. Of course, we get the double entendre, biyak meaning split, cleavage and all those male buttocks in the sex flick (see side post Vance). Albie takes no exception, and he’s proving he can make it as an, uh, adult star.

Frontal and Center

On Fridays, we get dick, plus buns and balls via Vivamax. Today’s the premiere of Virgin Forest, an iteration of the controversial 1985 movie of the same name. Sid Lucero is in the 2022 streaming version and we can’t help but pause and ponder on that wonderful inked body. Well, and those male bits! We really should just normalize male frontal nudity for whatever sake.

Mister Mister

While I may never understand the appeal of male beauty pageants, these contests are great sources of men in various stages of undress for this site. Two sexy men were proclaimed as the winners over the weekend: Fil-Jordanian Raed Fernandez Zghayer (left) as Mr. Supranational-Phils, and Fil-German Kirk Bondad as Mr. World – Phils. Are they appealing enough?

Massimo’s Member

Remember the dashingly-named Massimo Scofield who showed some stuff in the Vivamax flesh flick Silip sa Apoy a few months back? He’s back and it looks like it’s his dingdong gasping for outdoor air once again. The flappy member makes an appearance in the well, Vivamax-produced Island of Desire, where Massimo plays a beggar. He’ll clean up, and maybe there’s something there.

Candid and Loving It

In an industry that focuses on youth, there are other personalities in showbiz who can deliver as much flesh as the youngins. Michael Agassi is one of them and he shows his fine, fittest form in the GMA crime series Widows Web. This is allowed on public tv, and maybe producers can take their cue. Sex sells, tighty whities sell better.