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Boys in the Water

The prevailing theme is boys in the water in candy-colored clothes. Yes, they have clothes on, because they’re supposed to be modest. That will do, for now, as we can only imagine these Meant to Be and Boybandph cuties getting their sexy on. My best bets who’ll go first are  Tristan and Russel, Addy and Jak. Anything for that elusive superstardom.

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  1. This photo is creepy.I’d zoomed it and stare at it for quite some time and verified that theres an extra hand on the back (left side) of Ady Raj

      1. It’s because the pink floater is from a totally different photo that was photoshopped in front of Ady and Jak possibly to cover their VPL.

    1. Shucks! Oo nga! Parang pailalim ung hawak nung kamay sa Pink na salbabida. And one more thing, parang may Nakatayo din na legs sa unahan nila na nakaMaong shorts or something.. Ay ewan! Nawala libog ko! RD, do something.. Sino source ng photo na to? Legit or we’re just being delirious here?

    2. I think it was photoshoped by rd. There must be a girl in the middle. Lool closely there’s a denim shorts.

    3. uu nga. may extra fingers pero parang ung pink floating device is like superimposed lang sa image. if u notice the shorts that’s supposed to be “kadugtong” nung shorts ni addy, not the same color. LOL

    1. Bes, hindi naman nagpapa-sexy ang BoybandPH. Sabi nga “they have clothes on, because they’re supposed to be modest.”

  2. on the extra hand, the photoshop didnt do well. obviously there is another person that was supposed to be there. pati legs and shorts dont match. and ang floater na pink na hawak ni jack, obviously putol sa photo. they must have removed someone from the original photo

  3. Mas hot ang Boyband compared to the Meant to Be boys. Aside from the fact na mas fresh ang Boyband, laspag and panget ng noselift ni Jak and Ate Ken.

  4. photoshopped po ung photo, if zoom in nyo ung photo, nde pulido ung pagppacrop ng edges especially ung kay addy

    1. Edi wow saka hindi ito lugar ng mga gaya bashers noon Tony ako pero kailangan na mag move on Russell na ako ngayon saka never naging member si tony ng Boybandph kaya wag ka mag predict na mas malakas ang hatak

  5. Uy, napapansin kong wala kayong maipalabas na saloobin kay Ken Chan sa post ni RD ngayon ah…

    Pero aminin niyo, mas gusto nyo siya bilang si Destiny Rose..

  6. It’s good na hindi na nasama si Tony sa Boyband since hindi naman sila sikat. Tony can strike on his own..

  7. may pagkaerotic ang pose ni joao sito. mukhang ayaw masapawan ng mga kasama niya. kulang na lang maghubad siya.

  8. Bakit namumula underarm ni Ivan dyan? Grabe sila sana magka abs din ako tulad nang kay Jak kasi ung kay Ady masyado na OA sa pagkaborta.

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