30 thoughts on “Buns”

  1. Admin, naalala ko ‘yun’g dati mo’ng post na eksena din sa isa’ng pelikula… Si Jake Cuenca, nasa bato (sa ilog)… Luis Alandy on top?

      1. Puta ka naman! Kung maka-reak akala mo guguho ang mundo. Pede bang mali lang. The cheapness of your language. Idiota!

        1. Sorry. Its my surroundings, growing up in poor community ma-imbibe mo ang sangganong life. Now na lang ako naging rich and educated.

    1. Thank you to all who replied/confirmed. My apologies to Luis Alandy.

      @ V Joma… Came to mind a prominent Socialist. You misspelled, no?

      @ Ayn Bernos Kaya nga po tinatanong, ‘eh. Tao lang, po. 🙁

  2. Woooohhh!!! Daddyih Luish you’re shooo hot pouh! hihi… Sherewp, sherewp mush! Pag naging ashawa pouh pala kita, magiging name quoh pouh ish Mishish Lande Alande. hihi…

  3. wish it was daddy marco instead..
    ..but not gonna complain if more dads gonna show them buns out.

    make hot IT guys show their asses the new norm in films moving forward. long live Philippine cinema.

  4. Luis Alandy exudes manliness and sex appeal without calling for attention…very subdued but you know something is there! I saw him in person one time in a resto…I almost jumped over his table to hug and squeeze him…but manners prevailed so I just stared at him and had his vision with the lunch I was having….

  5. mas nakakaloka ung kantutan nila ni Lj sa p@rnhub mistulang totohanan talaga,cut ata un sa movie nila grabe ang tsupa at kaen ng kipay kaloka

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