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Let’s talk about singer-turned-daring-actor Jiad Arroyo, who’s currently doing the rounds of Vivamax in his undies or plump buttocks. Jiad’s been losing some weight and firming up lately, and it shows in his latest movie Paupahan. In the dark movie, he doesn’t get to wear anything and his scenes mostly involve him showering, screwing and nutting. Sounds exciting, really.

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  1. President turned Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and FFG Mike Arroyo must be proud of their nephew ๐Ÿ‘

      1. Sinabi ko bang anak ha. I said nephew. Hay nako magfocus ka na lang pagiging kiss ass mo sa Aces. Wag ka na dito magkalat.

  2. Di ko magets bat di magfrontal. Samantala hindi naman sikreto yung ganap niya sa internet. Kalat na kalat. So why not?

  3. I love Jiad. One of my crushes. Wish he did full frontal stuff and had more nude leaks. And wish I could suck his dick eat his ass and have sex with him

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