What’s happening with our popular boys? Marco Gumabao continues to be busy at work – movies and all the endorsements he can get. Our boy is bangin’ the underwear department over at Penshoppe also. So we can be assured of a continuous stream of photos of Marco in undies in the future.

Mmmeanwhile, Markki Stroem continues to push the envelope with his racy, risqué projects and photos (example above). He’s getting noticed with his messages about hope and equality, with the purpose of shaping public perception and reinforcing social changes. But that’s another story. In the meantime here is Markki in revealing, uh, swimwear(?).

24 thoughts on “Mmmmm”

  1. Aay bakit ganyan si Markki? ano ba yan, heartbroken at hiwalay na talaga sila ni Marvin Agustin? pinag away sila kasi ng hitad na si Jed. Ang payat niya, si Marvin naman walang ginawa kundi magluto. At si Jed the thirdparty, bloated na. Haist, anubayan…

    1. Nooo. Markki and tito Marvs never had a relationship. They maybe acquiantances, they know each other because they are in showbiz. Tito Marvs has a life but not with Markki, he is a straight man, very straight. He is an ideal uncle, he cooks food for us.

        1. Straight poh si tito Marvs. And never napunta si Markki sa amin. He plays games with tito Romnick Sarmenta and tito Bernard Palanca. They are all straight and do nothing hanky-panky. Hello titos Anonymous and sir rd, thank you.

          1. So naging on ba ang tito Marvin mo at si Bernard? they are playing what bahay-bahayan and si romnick, ano siya threesome sila? at chaka, pahingi ng ulam.

  2. Admin, pasuotin mo ‘yan sa beauty pageant, tingnan natin kung ‘di ma-bash ‘yun’g Swim designer. Hahahhahhh-ahh…

  3. Tangina naman eh. Si Marco parang driver lang na pinagmodel ng sariling briefs. Si Markki ewan kung ano tinitira niyan. Malamang hindi pwet. Wala bang taste yung mga photographer nito?

  4. Si Ate Markki ninyo mukhang baklang baliw sa kalye. Bigyan ninyo yan ng pang-rugby.

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