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Relax, it’s a Monday!


I know, Monday is such a drag. It always comes around so quickly. Now, it’s even raining here in the city and all I want to do is stay in bed and – how do you say it? – vegetate. And then again there’s that thing called making a living. Off to the salt mines, we go! Our refreshing Monday guy is fresh boy Mark Neumann.

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  2. freshness nga siya jan. normally hindi ko siya papansinin kasi ‘di ko bet. pero jan parang ang linis at ang bango bango at ang sherep sherep.

  3. rddantes, do you really find this guy attractive? Hindi talaga ako nagwagwapuhan sa kanya. Hindi naman sya hunky, hindi rin pang boy next door ang face nya. Kamag-anak mo ba ito?

      1. Yung totoo, hindi talaga. Gaya ng sinabi ko, I don’t find him attractive or sexy. Hindi rin naman maganda ang katawan nya.

  4. pagsasawaan ‘to ng mga baklang hayok sa laman sa dos. lalo pa na alam nila na malaki, mataba at mahaba ang burat niya. pero kapalit naman ng mga bigating projects.

  5. I so love marc everince he joined starsearch on tv5, more so after watching his wanking activity his manhoon is so identical to that of colt from CFisher hehehe..

  6. Mark Neumaaaannn! Ugh nabulunan ako! 😍 Ang sarap at ang fresh ng Monday koooo! 😜😍 You never fail to surprise us talaga RD! πŸ’“

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