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HBD Jake!

It would be criminal not to greet Jake Cuenca today on his 29th birthday, as he has been one of the top favorites in the almost 10-year existence of this blog. He has undoubtedly inspired, aroused and stimulated us  whenever he put on dem tiny undies, so here’s to Jakey!

These are so far my favorite photos of him when he did his swan song a couple of years ago for the Bench Body brand. He went out with a loud bang (and audience cheers), of course, wearing those very revealing x-shape g-string thongs. Happy Birthday Mr. Cuenca!

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  1. Excited na ko for the year ender collage pics mo tom rd. Sino kaya mangunguna at yung merong pic na hindi mo na feature pero masasama sa collage and unexpectedly may scandal pala this year.. Exciting!!! More power to you and more revealing pics in 2017.

    Advance happy new year to you at sa mga followers mo!

    1. 2016 was the Year of Scandalous Jakol Videos. Sana may awards for Most Scandalous Video, Most Disaapointing Video, Toothpick Award, Famewhore Award, Smallville Award, Bottomesa of the Year, atbp. Magaling dyan si RD. Abangan namin ito RD! Happy New Year!!!

    1. I was about to say – HE’S 29?!!!!!! He looks like he’s been 29 for 5 years already. At any rate, Happy birthday, Jake!

  2. I totally agree.. very sloppy butt . I remembered that time he’s very busy in ABS so he doesnt have time to cacthing up going to gym . He’s not tone but he did that confidently just to impress people for his farewell for benchbody.

  3. this last bench show was a disaster for him and the public went very harsh on him and i couldnt blame them… anyway i always see him in starbacks and S&R in wack wack and he looks good… when clothed… in jogging and fitness and jogging attire… way better condition than this show when hes obviously not in in good shape

  4. tapang naman ng apog neto! nagpapakita pa ng mala-plantsahang pwet niya! lawlaw at mukhang madumi parang nauusokan ng utot nya! nyahahahaha! hwag na mag-react! to each his own!

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