Rodel and Leonardo

Time flies so fast. A few years back Rodel Velayo and Leonardo Litton were the toast of the soft porn industry in the country. They starred in such unforgettable classics as Bakat, Itlog, Talong and any title with allusion to the penis or copulation itself. Now, Rodel and Leonardo have retired, with their own families abroad. Rodel [Archie Abala in the real world] is now in Australia while Leonardo [Joel Villar in the real world] is based in the United States.

Ages Ago

In the advent of the internet and cell phones and digital cameras, there were two cute guys in Seiko Films who churned out memorable flicks such as Talong, Kangkong, and Itlog. The double entendre was not subtle but the actors were coy by today’s standards yet bold and brazen at that time [the 90s]. I just realized I had this photo of the two guys who starred in many gay teens’ wet dreams – Leonardo Litton shows off his aubergine while Rodel Velayo his banana. Those were the days. Leonardo Litton is now based in the United States while Rodel Velayo has gone Down Under.

Rodel v. Leonardo [The Leopard-Print Bikini Face-off]

How about Rodel Velayo [left] and Leonardo Litton in a skimpy animal print bikini romp? Literally poster boys of a sorely-missed era of bedeviled hunks in scanty swimwear, Rodel and Leonardo were the glam stars of Seiko Films in the 90s. Plucked from nowhere, Rodel – who was born and raised in Cagayan Valley, and Leonardo – from nearby Nueva Ecija province, were the bold and brassy duo of their time. Together they starred in countless skin flicks, always teasing whatever queer sensibilities we had then. Yet, unlike most baring boys then [and now], they never had any bad press or salacious backgrounds. The boys have since moved on, in different continents – Rodel in Sydney and Leonardo in New York.

WITWI Leonardo Litton

Where in the world is Leonardo Litton [real name: Joel Francis Villar]? Leonardo Litton was one of the better-looking strip-for-pay actors [along with Rodel Velayo] in the era of the sexy flicks in Philippine cinema. He was discovered at the 1998 male pageant Ginoong Pilipinas, which was eventually won by his arch-rival then, Harold Pineda [Harold represented Nueva Ecija province, while Leonardo carried nearby Cabanatuan City]. After being signed by Seiko Films, he was in almost every movie churned out by the company. His most memorable films were Talong or Eggplant [where he showed his talong, natch!] and Burlesk King [where he also went full monty in a dance sequence]. When the sexy-movies period ended, Leonardo Litton also disappeared from the limelight. He was last spotted by a NY-based friend at Perlas ng Silangan, a Filipino resto along Roosevelt Avenue in Woodside. Apparently, he is now based in the Big Apple.