The Nice Bro Squad

Clean fun Tuesday (although two of them have racy videos online *gasp)! This is the Nice Bro Squad, and seriously, they made that up themselves. Of course, you know Luis Hontiveros with his crew, Gil Cuerva, Max Berardi, Patrik Franksson and Angelo Tan-Alberto. Who’s your boy?

Mr. Chinatown?

Sometimes I would like to imagine for Lazy-Ass-Post Day that the cute boys will just come out spurting with their own racy pics and videos. Like this one. I’m imagining it’s that cute winner from Mr. Chinatown, only because he is so adorable. Isn’t he?

Dear John


And he’s baaaack! Bench Body main hunk in the Skimpy Underwear Department, John Spainhour is headlining this season’s set of underclothes for the local brand. Expect to see Mr. Spainhour in revealing skivvies in the cold months to come. He’s making a comeback after a long hiatus from the underwear modelling scene ninja-hoop-rush

Big Monday


There’s a certain percentage of people out there who like ’em big and sturdy. Monday’s feature is all about big chest, big gams and a big heart, which all came in the fine form of Joaquin Valdes. He’s a multi-hyphenated talent (tv and theater actor, commercial model, fitness model, tv host), who has put so much into his craft and work, especially the work he’s clearly put into his body. And that is admirable enough.

Culver Barer

culver1 culver2

Ever wondered what Culver Padilla looks like in skimpy undergear? Well, here he is, ish. While the object of  competitive bodybuilding is to judge bodybuilders on symmetry, muscularity and conditioning, we’re only too glad to gawk and goggle at the beauty of the male body. In this case, Culver’s. In the meantime, feast your eyes.

Tyler Posing


He’s here! Tyler Mata is in town, doubling our visual pleasure as we watch him and his brother Tanner inside the Big Brother House. Oft times, these boys play with our frailties as they undress and parade shirtless on tv. On days like these, when the world’s a bit amiss, these brothers are balm for the weary soul.



In honor of the recent games of the Philippine Azkals (a.k.a. the national football team), we feature one of their members who forayed into shirtless modeling, Misagh Bahadoran. I may not know anything about the sport, but perhaps we can start and go into the meat of the matter on this chunky, hunky Fil-Iranian model-athlete.

Mr. Supranational

ar18 ar22

It’s the season of beauty contests, and 22-year-old AR de la Serna is off to another underwear-and-tux show in Poland for the Mr. Supranational contest. These are the before-and-after photos, and the image on the left was taken four years ago when barely-legal AR was just emerging from all the baby fat. These days, he’s a hottie.

The Boy


I get all sorts of crazy emails, but this one is too good not to share. Just the photo, as I have to let you search the world wide web for the revealing video. Paolo Mariano is a student and commercial model, who is too cute he could pass for a little Catholic schoolboy. With a naughty, nasty tool side.

Meat Lover

kevin kevin-redder

Remember Erie Obsena‘s “twin”? Kevin Redder is back, with some food! Lots of lean meat, chicken, legs and all you can eat!  The nakedness thrown in for good measure in this post for libidinous purposes. Can we just eat you instead? Snack, sup and swallow?

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