Another Model

On the runway in nicely-cut red bikinis is Marc Nash, one of the more visible male models in town. The 23-year-old Filipino-British hunk-cutie has appeared in the Philippine Fashion Week series, Bench, Folded & Hung fashion shows and the Smart, Rebisco and Goldilocks tv commercials. He went to the Mapua Institute of Technology in Makati City.


Say, for example, this is an aquarium [reference: link] for half-Filipino, half-somethings. Who is your best bet and why? Leftmost is Marc Nash, a 23-year-old Filipino-British model and entrepreneur. The one in the middle is Colin Smith, a 19-year-old Filipino-Australian model and student. And then there’s Chris Schneider, a 24-year-old Filipino-American model, aspiring actor and tv host. Choose!


This is 23-year-old model-most-ubiquitous Marc Nash. You’ve seen him before in countless fashion shows and tv commercials. In addition, he’s a favorite in magazine editorials around town. This 6′-tall Filipino-British cutie is also the owner of Red Light Mix mobile bar.