Manila Pride Fest

Starting tomorrow, October 24, the MANILA PRIDE FEST: The 1st International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Film Festival 2007 will be held at the Robinson’s Galleria Movieworld IndieSine. The festival runs until October 30. The festival will have around five (5) film features each day. On October 25, Australian film makers will showcase their works. October 26 will topbill Canadian flicks while October 27 will be an American film screening. Movies from other countries will be shown on October 28 under the category Untold Stories: All Mixed Up, and the European, Latin and African countries will screen their works on October 29. The Philippines will have its day on October 30, where the likes of Ang Lalake sa Parola and Cinemalaya’s best short film Misteryo ng Hapis [my favorite short film! dark, atmospheric and rich!] by Mark dela Cruz will be shown.

Model above is known as Sam Miguel of the Toma Boys. He was the poster boy [literally] of the 2005 Pink Film Festival [3rd International Gay and Lesbian Film and Video Festival] held in Manila.

The Toma Boys!

[l-r: Jack Daniel, Joselito Cuervo]
[l-r: JV Martin, Sam Miguel, Carlo de Rossi]

Now that the liquor ban is over [because of the Philippine elections], boozehounds can rejoice. In the meantime, here are the Toma Boys of Valentino magazine, so-called because well, they were named after grogs. Let’s see, there’s a Carlo de Rossi [who’s Rother “RT” Tiglao in the real world]; a Sam Miguel named after the famous Philippine beer [trivia: he used to be a “Manny de Rossi” in a gay club in Quezon City. Funny.]; then a Jack Daniel, and the cute ones, JV Martin and Joselito Cuervo, real names unknown as of the moment. The group was formed for a male photography exhibit staged before by the magazine. Frankly, it is an inebriating group, if you ask me.