Hot Men in the Philippines

Backstage and the scent of real men

SpeedoHail, hail the boys are here!  Backstage at recent underwear and sports fashion shows. Pheromones and macho sweaty body odor alert! Imagine the frenzy, the raw sexiness of it all: half-naked men walking, running around, each with  a unique look but all have, well, nice bodies. Crazy bodies, actually.

boys4Who’s your bet among the men? The usual culprits Ajdani, Macasaet, Irineu, McMahon, or even Topacio. What’s it like backstage with these men? Do they really have shrinking penises in the cold room? Or are they even nervous at all, thinking they’ll be sauntering, traipsing on stage in their underwear? One thing I am certain though: I want to be backstage in an underwear show.

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    1. Si Frank Garcia yun ateh, yung sa powerboys dati kasabayan nila Jordan Herrera!!! Na-book ko na yan, average lang nutri ban pero sarap bumayo!!!

      1. TANGA! Di yan si Frank Garcia at di niya yan totoong name kaya halatang di mo na-“getchang” siya!

        Ilusyonada, TANG(in)A mo!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. kahit sino gusto sa mga ito gusto kong magpakantot – ang hot nilang lahat. better yet – pipilahan ko silang lahat

  4. Ang sasarap! Buti at di ko na nababasa yung mga incest post ni Yeah Right. Naputulan siguro ng internet connection.

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