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Who doesn’t love Enchong Dee? He’s such a sweetheart, if you ask me. He’s so charming and cute. When he takes his shirt off and drops his pants, he goes into sexy mode.  If you want your boys twinky and young and soft and often epicene, then Enchong fits the [libido] bill.

ElmoHe’s not really a stud yet. Not actually a boy now. Maybe Elmo Magalona is a boy-man and stud-in-the-offing. He’s shedding his clothes for that extra oomph to his still fledgling career in showbiz. Hot or not?

 vin copyIt’s tall, dark and uh, sexy Vin Abrenica! Well, he has his desirable traits, like a yummy bod and crazy abs. As Farmer Hogget would say, “That’ll do!” Will he strip down to his undies pretty soon? Or did big brother Aljur offer him some advice on being prim and proper?

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  1. Bakit mo tinanggal mga side post rd? Dahil ba banned na yung mga sites na maglalabas ng nude photos or briefs lang eff. march 15 or dahil puro chararat at pambabash comments sa mga boys dun? Lels!!!

    1. Something went wrong with the Sidebar plugin lang. Inaayos pa ng tech. If you look at the Recent Posts folder, I have updated files.

  2. the sexiest is always the straight one – and that’s elmo magalona…he is so masculine…sya lang ang gusto ko…

    walang appeal sa akin ang mga soft gaya ni enchong dee. malansa ang tingin ko dyan nuon pa…si abrenica naman, common looking lang..

    1. Teh,

      More than wala (as in negative) ang appeal sayo ni Mama Enchang kasi more than malansa ka… super sansang mo daw po…

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  4. ayoko kay ekmo, mukhang mongoloid. si vin naman parang ka fez lang ng driver ko. si enchong ang masarap chupain kahit na may pag ka badinger z

  5. Gusto kong dilaan ang butas ng pwet ni Enchong tapos unti unti ko papasok ang titi ko hahaha uungol sya ng malaks shet!!!

  6. We have to admit.. Iba ang arrive ng Lola Enchong nyo ditey ha! Yung facial expressions nya dyan may something na nakakaExcite na nakakalibog kaya dedmabels muna sa pagkavaklushi nya… Haha! Lakas nya makalibog dyan

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