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Beauteous maximus

Stephan120Our featured gem today is the boy in the spider bikini – Stephen Dorschner. Though he’s not active in the bikini open circuit anymore (rack that up as summer’s greatest loss this year!), it’s such a shame not to share this hot, hot image of Stephen. I can’t write anything more because where words fail, beauty always speaks.

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    1. Teh,
      You’re obviously not part of the circle… everyone knows kung gaano sya kalaki!
      Diba Teh Bem?

    1. Mas sayang kasi walang sariling TV network ang mga Ilocano na maaring luminang (read: develop) sa talent niya. Yung CoreTV? Mah.

  1. schoolmate ko sya dati sa DWCL nung highschool. Payat pa sya nun pero gwapo at napakabangong tignan kaso ang tigas ng ponto nya sa ilokano haha tas one time nasilipan ko sya pinky head ang nota beybe

    1. Teh,
      It might NOT be his “legal” name but Dorschner is really his father’s surname.
      Complicated ang story ng family nya kaya wag mo nang kwestyunin

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