47 thoughts on “Beautiful View”

  1. cheska is such a lucky wife! pantasya ko pa siya noon sa cosmo. nakakalibog siya kasi. parang neil etheridge na mukhang palaban sa kama.

  2. Thanks rd! Kaloka di ako makakita ng bulge shot nya dun sa tram kramer oage nila ning nag palawan sila but here it is!

  3. I don’t find him uber attractive. He seems like a fantastic dad though.

    P.S. RD’s Foerever Ever Poor Fan is a trying hard wanna biatch! Hihi…

  4. Remember during the 1st Bench Fashion Show? Where all there collaterals was asked to take down? Because it was disturbing? Remember niyo yun? At the height of the controversy during a radio show one of the creatives splook that they need to have doug wear 2 (two) underwear to tame that thing
    Between his legs, so June 20, 2017, 4:14 am ano sinasabi mong juts?

  5. He is my ultimate fantasy. Balita ko he charges 120K for a 1 night stand. Totoo ba? Well, if I have that kind of money, I’d book him in a hearbeat. Is it also true na 8 incher sya?

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