Hot Men in the Philippines

Bedroom Boys

When boys are in their rooms, it is uncertain what they might be doing. Some enjoy sleeping, while others might engage in other activities before bedtime. In any case, their room is their private space.

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  1. Sana mag partner sa gay movie si Paul Salas at Ahron Villena with steamy sex scenes. Vivamax make it happen please.

    1. True. Super sarap ni Paul. Ang puti at ang kinis ng body at chest nya.

      Sana mag partner sila ni Markki Stroem sa gay sex movie.

      1. Not with your lower class demeanor you won’t. Spelling too. OH, and your outrageous claims as well. LOL

  2. Ang sarap chupain ni Paul Salas.. ang flawless at maputi.

    Mapuntahan nga mamaya sa dressing room nya. Sana wag magalit si Mikee thesis girl.

    1. Naku Alden di ka na nagsawa sa American footlong ni Derrick? Pati Pinoy sausage ni Paul Salas gusto mo rin tikman?

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