Big Dick Energy

The energy speaks for itself. Derrick Monasterio has a colossal phallus, or at least, we tend to believe he has that most desirable physical quality via the Bench Body ads of late. I can almost smell the photo, that heady smell of testosterone and everything male wrapped in a tiny piece of white lycra-cotton cloth called Bench/Body. Can you?

34 thoughts on “Big Dick Energy”

  1. wow naman, improvement ito! Hindi na green ang usok, blue na! From Maleficent to Elsa! Pero sana let it go na. Gusto ko magfocus sa bukol.

    1. bakit ikakabit kay alden, never na link si alden sa kanya at parehas naman silang lalaki so hindi sya ikakabit

  2. Ang sarap ng lalaking to kahit mejo alanganin ang kasarian diba Salve #classiclolita #takeitperminutemeganun

  3. bakit naka push down?

    pero the bulge push down means something… mahaba guys! considering malambot state pa yan!

  4. Agree. Derrick has the best body among the current bench body male models. Kaya sobrang lucky ni Alden to have him. Sarap.

  5. yaasss king derrick!

    white undies suit him best. i agree with the ‘i can smell this photo’ caption, and the big dick energy title. i can sniff that all day!

  6. Kindly feature Marc Daniel Bernardo, please, instead of Derrick Monasterio. Marc Daniel is far hotter than Derrick Monasterio and David Licauco combined. !Yo odio los conservativos!

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