Body Positivity

He may not fit the mold of the typical underwear model of yore, but Ejay Falcon’s slaying the endorsement for Natasha Philippines with his undergarments photos. We celebrate all kinds of bodies (and dicks, of the good kind) in this site. Ejay may not have one of the very best of bods out there, but some things are working out just fine.

27 thoughts on “Body Positivity”

  1. Fat tlga ung tag lol
    Bakit fit rd? Lol
    Anyway mukha syaang gipit na namamakla sa pic na yan. Ang dry ang sad parang nalugi

  2. Who is this guy? He looks like Daniel Padilla. His brief is not good but the man appears handsome. Is that a brand why not CK or Versace or Penshoppe. But inside the brief looks big. Is it still sleeping? I want to break it gently.

  3. Tangina yan ang masarap simsimin na utong, dede, singit, tumbong lalo pag galing basketball. Kahit juts basta andun yung amoy ng barako shit

  4. Malaki nmn pala itong si ejay…

    Malaki balls…pero yung chururut..hmmm…sana lng proportion sa height nya…

  5. Baket kasi hindi magbuhat yan? Matangkad sya, pinoy Ang beauty, Moreno. Muscles ba lang kukang. Kahet konting weightlifting lang

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