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We’re keeping a watchful eye on this one. Model and DLSU football player Mathew Custodio is one of those cool dudes who is, in person, just as he comes off on this wayward site ~ cute, naughty, and adorable. Add sexy AF to that! He has no qualms with minor nudity and we tip our hats to that.

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    1. Sa boracay po ung kay mathew. Sa balai anilao batangas nmn ung kina marvin/markki. May nakita ako photo ni papa p nasa batangas din.

    1. Sorry ka nalang at wala ka sa social-circle niya of conyos and rich kids.

      Sa tabi2 ka nalang kumuha ng paamoy.

  1. Im not gay but im on here because i wanted to try gay sex, ive been thinking about sucking big dicks and getting cum on my face

      1. Im sorry but my friend told me i can order pizza here so i looked it up. But i only found guys and i thought it was hot too so i got hard

    1. Sorry, Dearie, but such pathetic lines like that may work with gullible feeble-minded homos.

      You have to be a bit more convincing than that.

  2. Isa ba siya sa mga green archers na pabook RD? Parang gusto ko atang humada ng taga la salle o ateneo, mas prestigious ang dating ng paghada ko hahahaha

  3. Hottie naman. Iba yung looks nya, sets him apart from the other ordinary looking male models in Manila.

    1. Ako rin nainlove. Smart eyes, big happy dorky mouth. Sexy body… shet ang sarap tingnan ng BIG DORKY MOUTH. hihi!

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