47 thoughts on “In Town”

  1. He’s ordinary… There’s hundreds maybe thousands of asian featured aspiring new york models that’s more striking than him… No wonder he didn’t make it…. Arrogant. .. Lol….

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  3. True may pagkamayabang nga tong si Ram Sagad, may anak na din to ee! Check his IG. Baka naghirap na sa NY kaya balik pinas. Wala na sigurong agent na may bet sa kanya! Actually mga models dito sa aten, mga SNOB, pero ung mga FLY IN, sila pa magiliw magbigay ng time para sa pictures.

    1. nakoh, ginawa na namang “nerdy-looking” ang mga asians. stereotyped tlg. pinagsuot ng glasses si ram. hahaha. keri lang, at least, cute naman siya.

  4. I saw him outside of the Tommy Bahama store right across the Philippine Embassy here in NYC it was summer (July 2014) so the stores on 5th Ave have male greeters and he was one of two (the other was a white guy/model), matangkad siya pero nothing really striking, chicken legs pa. NYC is a melting pot of really goodlooking models so its not surprising that he didn’t make it unless he photographs exceptionally well (which in his case he’s passable).

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