Naked as he came

IMG_9821Scrumptious daddy Dennis Trillo is here by request again, after the slew of Bench Body underwear models in the posts lately. I hope you don’t mind, not that I’m asking permission from you dear errant reader. I’m not really a tv person, but a Dennis Trillo appearance on the boob tube makes me guilty of missing out on such a fine and sexy man. And I hope you won’t get tired staring at him. One of these days, maybe he’ll drop his cheap-ass undies for us.

24 thoughts on “Naked as he came”

  1. i always dream of dennis fucking me and sucking his cock. i just love this guy and he will always be the object of my so many sex fantasies. luv you pare dennis.

    1. ibang klaseng alindog ang nadudulot sakin ni dennis, nahihilo ako sa libog. salamat dennis, mabuhay ka.

  2. Anyareh? From the full packed package of Markie eh biglang lacking in package naman si papa Dennis. Well I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt… Baka naman kaya wala akong ma sight eh dahil dark blue ang undies. —

  3. sarap ni papa dencio. keri na kung dyuts magaling naman kumain ng puke. kaya nga binabalik balikan ng mga past gf’s nya

  4. Sigurado malaki etits ni trillo. Kita naman sa bukol nya sa Bench the naked truth. Nakaflag ceremony.

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