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One direction

George IrineuSpeaking of Hideo, his best friend George Irineu‘s career is going in the right direction. The Brazilian is the model-about-town these days, as he is practically in all runway shows and fashion editorials. In this image, while I might not be able to quite extoll the virtues of the grandpa underwear, George nevertheless looks mighty delish in that sac sack.

BenjieAnd there is no way to go but up and up for Benjie Nuevaespaña! Although he’s a bit new in the business, the Sta. Rosa, Laguna native has achieved a few career milestones, e.g. winning the first ever Mister Global Tourism Philippines in 2013 plus some tv appearances in GMA’s soaps and shows. The bedimpled cutie is really, er, rising.

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    1. Lam mo kadiri ka. Hayuk na hayuk kang bakla ka. Pacheck up ka ha, baka maging psychosis yang kamanyakan mo.

      1. True ka diyan teh! Nakaka irita nga yang mga comments niyang gardo baklang yan! Nakakabwisit!I’m sure walang nagbabasa ng mga comments niyan! Kadiri!

  1. Mas nakakaelya talaga kung to the left to the left ang position ng etits. Mga well endowed lang talaga ang nakakagawa niyan. Di ba, George?

  2. Parang pang lolo nga yung kay George hahahah hindi sexy! pero kebs! huhubarin ko din yan eh hahahhaha

  3. Benjie is not “Duty Free” pictures are very much deceiving. Well of course I should also know that he’s not small. Ayan may clue na po. If you want more of him. Ask me how haha

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