This could be Nico Fowler’s dick appearing in the the indie movie Sabado. It looks clean and promising and I would like to imagine it is the real deal. Nico, who’s a Canadian model in our midst, is making the transition to acting. He’s slated to appear in a new BL movie called Love at the End of the World where he’s expected to show more.

36 thoughts on “Peeking”

  1. Yuuuuuum! Ganyan nga Nico! If you have it, flaunt it. Ayan, hindi ka na the who sa akin. Hihi. Mapula-pula, in fairness. Sana next time yung naghuhumindig naman. Hihi. Good job!

  2. If that’s the real thing, i’m very impressed !
    I’m going to be jerking off to him every now and then.
    Thanks RD πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve had my fair share of dicks and I can say this is totally fake. Then again, I think he’s not the type of guy who’s gonna whip out his dick and let his fellow actress nibble it.

    1. Ateh, how many dicks have you bjed? more than 1000? And how many have entered your hole? entered other parts of your body? Youre a lodi poh. Sana ol.

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