Seb has a video!

IMG_2935Sooner or later, there will be a definitive post about our favorite gay boy Sebastian Castro. Since the start of his showbiz career here in the Philippines, he has always been a constant source of eye candy and well, sometimes naked inspiration. Today is no exception as he stars in his video (directed by Adolfo Alix Jr.) called Feel the Bern. It’s Seb’s call “against the system in his usual, unapologetic and sexy ways.” Watch:  Feel the Bern here!

39 thoughts on “Seb has a video!”

          1. Baliw tong si tony, nirereplyan niya sarili niya. Drugs pa moreeee. Kawawa naman wag niyong pansinin.

  1. I’ve met the guy and surprisingly hindi sya airhead, may laman ang utak at may sense sinasabi nya!

    1. True, very politically minded sya, it’s quite shocking sa image nya kasi pa-sexy sexy pero may alam pala pag dating sa politics and economy, you’ll noticed it din sa tweets nya.

  2. Kung ako si Ryan Chua hindi ko na pakakawalan yan, aba hindi na sya makakahanap ng kasing pogi ni Seb no!

  3. RD, post mo nman yung video ni Arjo Atayde. 20 mmins daw…i just so a clip of it and it was hot hot hot! 😀

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