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Tommy Boy

I do not quite understand, dear readers, why you do not like Tommy Esguerra. I am quite aware you have refined and exquisite tastes, but maybe, you can take a second look at Tommy. He has a hard-rock body and cute face, and decent bulge (which counts well for you!). He may not be for everyone’s liking, but surely to someone’s. Which side of the fence are you?

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  1. Kung long hair lang pag uusapan I’d rather go for Gil Cuerva. Ewan ko ba parang walang appeal sa kin si Tommy

  2. Tignan mo naman siya. Malamya pero feeling siga. Mas deserve pa ma main post ng mga nasa sidepost mo ate RD.

  3. Nope, not a fan.

    Probably it is the seemingly manufactured stardom – no discernible talent, just-passable looks, blah personality, and then the lackluster loveteam…nothing special, as they say…now we wonder why his netwok/management keeps on marketing him to us.

    1. He is not worth 50K. Kahit libre di ko pa rin to papatulan, atribida dating nya sa akin. Yung tipong maaasar ka sa kanya kesa malibugan.

    2. If you have a very healthy imagination like what you have, you’ll definitely come up with stories.

  4. first and foremost, Tommy is a model. ilan lang ba sa industriya ng modelling dito sa Pinas ang may long hair. authentic long hair ha, hindi extensions. yan buhok na yan ay hindi para hila-hilahin habang may tumitira sa back door.

  5. He’s my type! Sosyalin hindi kolbamic! alam mong hindi basta basta! hindi papatol kung kani kanino lang!

  6. Mukha kasi syang lesbiana! Yun lang yun! Siguro kung mag grow sya ng balbas or gupitin hair nya!

  7. Hindi sya mukang bastusin. Classy pa din dating nya. Mga bakal kasi dito gusto mga dugyot na barumbado!

  8. I’ll suspend my judgment ’til i see him in person. he doesn’t look promising in the pictures. =p

  9. parang walang dating sa akin tong si Tommy.

    armpit fetish? new blog post on

  10. He is tooo girly, malamya masyado, the way he act, talk. He is ok sa print ads lang not on tv pls!

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