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Tri Boys

It’s the weekend. Go out and play!  Matteo Guidicelli‘s prepping for some bike action and he’s up and about! I’m glad these boys are taking to the sport where they get to wear the body-hugging performance suits.

I’m with you dear sickos: I admire these boys who excel at grueling swim-bike-run in immediate succession over various distances, and I am also interested in what they’re wearing. For instance, Marlon Stockinger fills up the suit quite fine.


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  1. Mama RD…update sa pictorial ni Daniel Matsunaga please….for sure may mas sexy pa siyang pictures…excited to see him more in undiea

  2. Just wondering, pano kaya sex life ni matteo kung talagang virgin pa si sarah? Kawawa naman, puro jakol lang sya…

  3. Siguro antamis ng tamod ni Marlon kasi mayaman, masasarap kinakain. Parang walang mabaho sa kanya. Rainbows ang pupu nya I swear!!!

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