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Water Love

And so we’ve come to this: all pure summer with the newest favorite Marco Gumabao. He’s the best in the Bench/Body backlot or basement, and they’re making him wear all the available undies they’re selling. Which is good, because we get to see him all the time. Tight and snug.

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  1. Gwapo naman to pero for some reason e pinapahirapan sya na talagang sumikat.. parang may panggipit na ginagawa sa kanya pera mauwi sa paghuhbad and eventually pagboboking..

  2. Sa nagsabing rddantes site is dead (in another post), eat your heart out! Nauna pa si RD sa Bench dito sa photo na ‘to. Love live RD! Shantay, you stay!

    1. Sino nagsabi nun? Sa comments ba o sa article from another site? Meanwhile, FashionPulis is superdead! As in dedbol, 12000 feet under.

  3. Ano kaya kung magyakap si Anjo Damiles at Marco Gumabao nang naka-bench briefs pareho? Sarap nun, such a sight to behold..

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