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matthias2Speaking of “coming from nowhere,” here’s new model in town, Matthias Rhoads. In his sexy case, “nowhere” is Savannah, Georgia, where the Filipino-American hunk grew up.Β  He’s a showbiz hopeful, and he has the cred to back his bid: he had fundamental acting training in the US. As I have said before the hunks that excite me the most are those who offer more than just a handsome face and perfect body. Matthias is a perfect example of this.

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    1. U dont need talent to break in PH showbiz. U need to be ready to hubad, and let your genitals be groped, touched, sucked, fucked etc by the producers/directors. So good body, and a thick skin is all u need. #JustSaying

      1. You give a whole new meaning to “Masmasahol pa sa Hayop”.

        Fags like yourself are DIS-GUS-TING!

  1. Watch at co-comment na naman si FIRTS na BOBANG TANGANG ILUSYONADA na nagke-claim na “taga US of A” siya at kaya niyang i-book lahat ng mga lalaki featured sa site.

    Paulit-ulit si FIRTS.

    1. Sinong recent beks, c Prince? Eh tagal ng star struck alumni in eh, kung recent dapat bago at kapapanalo lang da’bah? Clarify it…

      1. Kakasabi niya nga lang eh yung recent daw, so hindi si Prince yun. For sure, hindi siya sigurado sa name nung guy (even ako) that’s why sinabi niya “recent starstruck winner.” San ba nanggaling na si Prince yan? Boba.

  2. May isang low life na bakla diyan ang SUPER insecure sakin. Go lang bakla, mahirap ba ang mamasukan sa Maynila, minalas ka ba sa amo mo?! Ahahahaha!

    1. Hahahahahahaha! Sabi nga ba at magrereply si FIRTS uli!

      Kakatapos lang mag-SHABU! Hahahahaahaha!

      Bilis na, FIRTS! Mag-CLAIM ka na naman para FIRTS ka uli!


      1. Ay mga mama, may state n Georgia sa tate. GA for short. Ang empire state of the south. May Georgia din sa Eu. Alam ni mama RD ang geography nya.

  3. If you want to see him acting on stage, go watch him on 50 Shades! The Musical Parody on December 16. If you want discounted tickets go to

    I’m telling you guys he’s an epitome of beauty

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