Hot Men in the Philippines



Henrik, Kirstey and Jules

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  1. Yung nasa gitna parang klala ko sya…oh yes, sya yung nagtitinda ng taho dati samen. Bat anjan sya?

  2. why the #dirtybosph? ahh is there something in their past that makes them dirty or they are doing something dirty now? just asking …..

    1. Madami ng naituro sa kanila si K.. Kung paano mahusay na dumiskarte sa mga richie richie na bekis… Tingnan mo si KV, from zero (0) to high class living with matching classy friends na pahada din!.. Money makes the world go round!

    1. The comments tempted me to see the link video… and true enough, this is a total waste of time! Nagpapansin para sumikat! Hwag nyo ng panoorin para di dumami ang viewers!

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