Hot Men in the Philippines


Kirstey and the hair flip!

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    1. gurl in d pic, kahit u have beard and mustache, u r stil so fishy.. malansha.. u r one of us i bet 1 million times.. join ka na sa men..pamin epek ka pa.. pra makahada sa gym ano?

  1. Dami nmn bitter dito.e Ano kung he is one of us.nandidiri kb sa mga gaya natin.? Tanga mo.maging happy na lang kyo kung anuman narating nya.inggit lang kyo kc kahit ano gawin nyo ndi kyo magiging kasinggwapo nya.he is very hot.very nice inside and out.

  2. Boba nung comment nung isang badap diyan . Nagtanong lang if he’s one of us. Di naman sinabi na nandidiri or bitter or whatever. Exxag lang.

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